Done right.

Joyful. Simple. Inclusive.

illustration of a rabbit sitting on top pf a TV waving an aerial around to get signal

“It has been a pleasure working with Martin. We are immensely proud of our end product and we would highly recommend Martin to small businesses and voluntary organisations.”

Nick Hawkins
Project lead,
Killearn Heritage Trail

People first

I am an independent website designer and developer.

I make websites because my left brain and right brain got together one day, and said: should
do this. It suits you.

I love transforming websites into a richer experience for everyone.

Joyful. Simple. Inclusive.

Helping good people solve interesting problems gets me out of bed in the morning (unless my daughter wakes me up first...)

If you’d like to work together, you can email me at [email protected]

From my studio

Some recent projects:

  • Logo wordmark for Beyond Made, with one if their custom-designed icons below

    Beyond Made

  • Killearn Heritage Trail

  • penny's boutique logo

    Penny’s Boutique

How I build websites

  1. Built for your business

    I don’t use customised off-the-shelf themes bloated with features you’ll never use. First, I look at your business goals and user needs; then I’ll custom build the right site within your budget.

  2. Easy to update content

    I create websites using WordPress, which lets you manage the content yourself. Editing is as easy as using any word processing software; plus I’ll create documentation to reference in case you get stuck.

  3. Fast, lightweight and low carbon

    Fast, efficient sites increase conversion rates. They are good for users, great for search engines and better for the planet.

  4. Progressively enhanced

    Using progressive enhancement means important services will always work, even if part of the site suffers a glitch. This can happen anytime or anywhere, often from device limitations or connection quality.

  5. Accessible to all users

    20% of UK visitors experience some level of disability. I believe everyone should have a great web experience so I build websites to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 standards.

  6. Optional Care Plan

    My WordPress Care Plan starts at £60 per month. Having your website in safe hands will give you peace of mind, and lets you focus more of your time on your business.

  7. A sprinkle of joy

    Nothing lights up a web experience like a few delightful touches here and there. I love adding a few Easter eggs to make a website that bit more memorable for visitors. All progressively enhanced.