What’s the design process for a new client?

Every one of my new clients follows this process:

  1. You’ll fill in my design brief that will then guide the project.
  2. I’ll create a work plan based on these details and request a 50% deposit based on the estimated work. Once you’ve paid the deposit, I’ll create a shared workspace with the completed work plan. The workspace will be the central hub where we can communicate and share documents.
  3. I usually work on a 3-week lead time to begin a new project. During this time, I will ask you to collect and share any content and documents relevant to the project. That means we can get cracking as soon as the project window opens.
  4. Most website projects take around 12 weeks to complete. Based on this estimated timeframe, I’ll dedicate the first two weeks to discovery. This is when we’ll research and define the project requirements, goals and features then create a plan before the project even begins.
  5. I dedicate the next 6 weeks to design. This is how we turn our plan into mock-ups. I’ll create an initial mock-up, with 7 days turnaround time on average. I’ll then ask you to review and comment before I dive into creating the rest of the mock-ups.
  6. Once the mock-ups are complete, I’ll ask you for final review and comment. This will be the last point at which you can request design amendments. Any further amendments will incur extra fees.
  7. The final 4 weeks will focus on development. The development process is when I turn mock-ups into a functioning website.
  8. Once development is complete, I’ll upload it to a ‘staging’ site, and ask you to make any final checks. When you’ve signed off on the finished site, I’ll send over the invoice for the remaining 50% balance.
  9. Once you’ve paid the balance, we can launch the website!

Having a shared workspace means you never have to wonder what’s going on with the project. It’ll be right there for us both to see – no more searching through your emails for documents or project details.