My project rates.

My rates include:

  • Project management through the discovery, branding, design and development process. This includes setting up and maintaining a workspace through the project’s duration. This gives us a central location to communicate and share ideas and documents.
  • Time spent on the discovery process. This is when I find out more about you, your market and your competitors. This then guides the branding and/or design process.
  • If applicable, any work on your business brand. This will likely include your visual brand, but if you need we can also work on your overall brand strategy.
  • Two rounds of mock-up amendments. Once after the initial mock-up, and once after all page mock-ups are complete. Any extra work will be subject to a project-based fee. This fee helps ensure we’re both on the same page from the start of the project.
  • All development work. I hand-code all my websites from scratch. This means no templates, and minimising plug-in use where possible. This means I can optimise for performance, security, accessibility, and usability.
  • Initial SEO keyword integration. I am not an SEO expert, but I can give some guidance on how to structure your content for improved SEO results. If SEO is a priority for you, I recommend finding an expert in the field. When you find them, please point them in my direction too.

What should I expect from my project quote?

All my projects are custom quoted based on scope. My clients work with me because they believe in paying for a high-quality product. They want a site optimised to boost conversions and built with ethical design considerations.

When can we start my website project?

I request at least three weeks lead-time for web design projects. This gives my clients time to gather all the materials we’ll need so the project doesn’t overrun. I take on 1 or 2 new client projects each month, but those spaces fill up fast. The sooner we can start the conversation, the better.

If you need me RIGHT NOW, I’ll move you to the top of my to-do list but will include a 25% priority fee.