• WordPress consultant

    My job as a WordPress consultant is about finding the perfect answer for your business website, from a site audit to a full design and build.

  • Brochure website design

    I'm here to help you make a decision on whether a brochure website design is right for your business, or if there is a better solution.

  • WooCommerce website design

    An optimised WooCommerce website design can make a joyful, simple and inclusive customer experience, leading to more sales and revenue.

  • WordPress care plan

    A WordPress care plan will give you peace of mind for your website and lets you focus more of your time on your business.

  • Brand identity package

    I can create a brand identity package for your small business or nonprofit that helps elevate customer awareness of your brand.

greyscale watercolour illustration of someone sat behind a laptop at a desk wearing comical smiley slippers