Brand identity package

You may not have discovered it yet, but I have a nose for design. Are you looking for a brand identity package for your business (anything from a new logo to an entire visual brand)? I can do that. Want it tightly integrated into a new website design? I can do that too.

Wait, let’s stop for a moment. What exactly is ‘brand identity’? Well, it often gets replaced with the phrases ‘brand’ or ‘logo’, when they are actually different things. And also, sometimes the same thing. Confused?? Let’s walk through the differences.

Brand, brand identity and logo explained


Brand is what comes to someone’s mind in every encounter with your business. It is a set of mental triggers. Good triggers and bad triggers. Brand is your reputation. Brand is your values. Brand is your products. Brand is how you answer emails or your phone.

People’s impression of your business comes from your brand.

Brand Identity

Brand identity is made up of the physical characteristics of your brand. It helps create brand recognition and identifies you as you. Think about price comparison websites for a moment. Meerkat? Compare the Market. Moustachioed opera singer? Go Compare. The other big one…it’s on the tip of my tongue…some kind of purpley colour…??? Money Supermarket!! Bit more anonymous, that one. (Sorry if you don’t recognise these brands, they’re UK-centric).

Let me toy with your mind for just a little longer: brand identity is not just visual. Yes, logos, colours, fonts and stationery are important to your brand identity. But, so are the specific words you use and the meaning they have. Email responses, voicemail messages, social media content, hashtags: these are all part of your brand identity too. Even smells can be a part of your brand identity. Ever walked past the door of a Lush store, or through a designed kitchen area in Ikea, complete with baking bread smell? Mmmm. Remember, I have a nose for design…


A logo is one part of your brand identity. Often, it is the most clearly recognisable symbol of a business, and a strong trigger for brand recognition. Logos can be icon marks (Apple), word marks(Google), or both(Adidas).

A logo is an identifier— it doesn’t need to spell out everything you do. Take cycle businesses— how many of those have you seen with logos that shape the word ‘cycle’ to look like a bike? That’s not necessary — the meaning is already in the word! If a logo design is well thought-through, we might figure out some of the character of the business from it anyway.

Your brand identity package: what do I do?

So, we’ve learned that brand is the impression people have of your business. More importantly, we can try to influence this impression by design — this is called ‘branding’. Creating a brand identity is a part of this branding, but what are the key elements of a successful brand identity?

Firstly, it should be unique. This helps you stand out in a crowded market. Secondly, it should be cohesive. Having a consistent brand identity makes it more easily recognisable when people encounter you again. Finally, your brand identity should be memorable. Every encounter with your brand identity should trigger recall of previous experiences (hopefully positive ones, of course!).

Used well, these three elements can help people engage with and return to your business again and again.

And what will I do? I’ll create a brand identity for your business that is unique, cohesive and memorable. Remember, I have a nose for design (although not so much for designing scents, I think that’s best left to someone else).