WooCommerce Website Design

E-commerce has been on an upward trend for many years now. The COVID lockdowns of 2020-21 accelerated this. More and more companies moved online as people couldn’t go to stores. One of my clients, a fashion boutique, even moved to a larger shop after lockdown ended because their e-commerce revenue grew so much! Their WooCommerce website design has been a real bonus for their business through hard times. WooCommerce is so simple and effective for building a successful online shop. Let’s have a look at why it might work for your business too.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a plugin that lets people sell things through WordPress. It is the most-used e-commerce system on the web, and for good reason. It is owned and run by Automattic, who also own wordpress.com. That means it is helped by being tightly integrated into the WordPress ecosystem. Other WordPress plugins extend the utility of WooCommerce further. Payment providers, gift cards, product videos: these are just a few of the many add-on options that make it work so well as an online shop.

Why choose WooCommerce over other e-commerce solutions.

There are numerous e-commerce solutions for companies looking to sell online. The second largest after WooCommerce is Shopify. Shopify was built for e-commerce unlike WooCommerce, which is an optional add-on for WordPress, .

I’ve worked on a couple of Shopify websites and I quite like it. But I found it harder to create a unique shopping experience on Shopify than using WordPress and WooCommerce. For businesses that are looking for an all-in-one option and don’t want to hire a developer, Shopify seems great. I imagine Squarespace and Wix are quite good too.

What I really like about WooCommerce is the well-supported WordPress ecosystem. It’s easy to add subscriptions or memberships, gift cards, an articles section, or a plugin to optimise your product SEO. You can find plugins to automatically optimise images or backup your website, just in case. Finally, as a designer and developer, I just appreciate how easy it is to create joyful, simple and inclusive websites. Do this, and you give your customers the best online shopping experience.

Why choose other solutions over a WooCommerce website design?

So, given how I’ve been gushing over WooCommerce, you’d think that would be my only recommendation. Not quite. As I mentioned in the last section, I think Shopify, Squarespace or similar can give you a great online shop. After all, there are other factors in making a successful e-commerce business. Plenty of successful online shops use Shopify and other platforms.

You could also consider selling your products on third-party platforms like Ebay or Etsy. Why? The established customer base is a huge plus — it saves having to build your own from scratch. Of course, you could still have a separate brochure website design with more information about you and your business.

Speaking of brochure websites, some companies find success in making a brochure site to sell just one product. Or maybe two or three products. This creates value in focussed marketing. Everything can be designed and built to suit those few products. I find WordPress is a class-leading Content Management System for creating marketing materials like this. With that information in place, you can just add the WooCommerce plugin and start making sales!

Being able to easily optimise the small details on a website can make a better customer experience. What is ‘better’ though? Joyful, simple and inclusive. Nailing those should lead to more sales and revenue. For me, the WordPress and WooCommerce ecosystem makes those changes easy. That’s why i recommend WooCommerce when clients request an e-commerce solution.