WordPress Care Plan.

Let me host and take care of your website for just £60 per month. My Care plan includes 30 minutes task support or consultancy each month – great for making small changes to your site.

Once your web designer/developer has handed over the keys to your shiny new website, it will probably feel like a good time to relax after working so hard on the revamp. Keeping that feeling of exhilaration is the next target, which is why a WordPress care plan is so helpful. To keep things simple, I offer one option which provides all the essential services 99% of clients will ever need to keep their website running smoothly. For the other 1%, we can figure out what additional services you might need and adjust the plan accordingly!

What is a WordPress care plan?

Just like running a car, a website needs to be cared for to make sure everything continues to work as it should, and the experience remains consistent for your visitors:

  • Your website files can and do change over time – WordPress is constantly updating with new features and security patches.
  • WordPress plugin authors are constantly updating their products with new features and security patches.
  • Some mean bugger might want to mess with your site.
  • Ahem, you might accidentally do something that messes with your site!
  • You might just want a quick task doing on your website which you can’t do yourself.

If you are busy running your organisation, these are probably things you don’t really want to concern yourself with. It’s also pretty easy to forget about them when you’re involved elsewhere. Without consistently tending to your site something will eventually go wrong. You could be hacked, your website might start behaving strangely, or you could stop receiving important messages from potential clients.

Do you need a care plan?

Ok, I’ll be honest, no one needs a care package for their website. Many websites will trundle along happily for a while without any further interaction. Think about this though: if you have a problem on your website how long might you spend on Google desperately trying to find a fix? What could you have been doing with that time instead? Working on a different priority in your business? Spending time with family or friends? Working on a side project or indulging in your favourite hobby?

Let me boss your website for you. I strongly recommend my WordPress care plan to all my clients. They like the peace of mind, having a consistently fast loading site, and making small changes without the need for extra billing.

What is included in the care plan?

I only include services that I believe are absolutely essential for the smooth running of a website, all in a single package costing £60 per month. Here is the full list of what I will do every month in your care package:

  • Hosting with SSL – No hosting, no website, it’s as simple as that! SSL certificates enable a secure, encrypted connection between your website and a visitor. Search engines like Google strongly recommend having an SSL certificate – so much so that having one could help your search engine ranking.
  • WordPress core updates – The team behind WordPress is constantly making changes to the core code. Added features, removed features, and security patches. I keep WordPress up to date with the latest version to keep your website secure. Then I check through your site to make sure everything still works properly!
  • Theme + plugin updates – As the WordPress core code changes, so add-on themes and plugins may need to change so they don’t break your site. Plugin authors might add new features that could benefit you, or release security patches to prevent site hacks. I’ll update these on a monthly basis if required, and sooner if there is a potential security risk to your site. Like with the WordPress updates, I’ll check that your site looks and works as it should.
  • Daily off-site backups – This is a backup of every file and database entry on your site, which is then sent to a secure off-site location, just in case.
  • Malware monitoring – Despite the best efforts of the WordPress team and plugin developers, hackers always seem to find a point of weakness eventually. I’ll keep an eye on your files and illegitimate login attempts to make sure nothing untoward is affecting your site or your visitors.
  • Performance monitoring – I build all my sites with performance in mind. I like fast-loading websites so I don’t have to hang around all day waiting to get the information I want. I’m sure you and your customers feel the same. I’ll keep an eye on your site to make sure it stays fast. A WordPress or plugin update or a hack could slow things down.
  • Uptime monitor – No web hosting server is perfect, so like every other host, I can only guarantee 99.9% uptime on your website. If your website stops loading properly for longer than usual, I’ll know about it, and begin an investigation.
  • Privacy-respecting site analytics – There are plenty of good reasons to have analytics on your site. They can help you check your most popular pages, how long people spend on those pages, or whether making changes has an effect on your visitor behaviour. Google Analytics is almost entirely dominant in this field. Google offers this as a free service because they gain access to so much data for free. Have you ever had to click to remove a ‘cookie’ notice when visiting a website? Chances are this includes Google Analytics cookies. I include analytics for your website that gives you all the relevant visitor information without the need to invade your visitors’ privacy, or forcing them to click on those annoying ‘cookie’ notices!
  • 30-minute task support/consulting – A website is not a set-it-and-forget-it process. Your thinking may change. Your customers’ needs may change. Over time, I’ve discovered that my clients often only need small, consistent amendments on their website, without needing to worry about additional billing. In my care packages I dedicate 30 minutes every month to making those little changes.

Keeping things simple, but flexible too.

Is there anything you want that isn’t included in my WordPress Care Plan? While I think those core services will benefit any website, I understand that some businesses have ongoing requirements that aren’t included. If so, let me know – we can have a chat and figure out how it can be adjusted to suit you.