WordPress Consultant

WordPress. A big player in the world of websites. Recent estimates suggest between 30% and 40% of the internet is powered by WordPress. This means there is a huge range of know-how within the WordPress community. Some are just beginning their WordPress journey, others are experts who have been working within the ecosystem for years. I’ve been working with WordPress websites for over a decade, and as a WordPress consultant for the last 5 years. So, if you’re looking for help with a WordPress setup, I’ll probably have the right solution. Or at least know where to find the right solution!

For those that don’t yet know: what is WordPress?

WordPress is made up of two distinct parts, which are:

  • wordpress.com which is the commercial arm of the project where websites are only hosted on wordpress.com.
  • wordpress.org, which is open-source and allows users to host websites themselves.

Both WordPress versions are built on exactly the same source code. Both give access to huge numbers of themes and plugins which can help create the right site for you. However, WordPress can be a complex beast — you’ll be sure to find something on your WordPress journey that leaves your brain a bit higgledy-piggledy!

What does a WordPress consultant like me do?

I do whatever is needed to find the right solution for your WordPress website. That might mean advising against using WordPress if I don’t think it will suit your business — WordPress could be overkill for a brochure website design for example. It might even mean sending you away to a niche expert who can solve a problem I can’t. Either way, my job as a WordPress consultant is about finding the perfect answer for your business.

Do you think your company is missing out on income generated by your website? If so, I can help with:

  • an independent audit. I’ll go through your entire website and find areas to improve your visitor experience.
  • WordPress development. I can design and develop an entire website to your exact needs. Or I can make changes to your current site.
  • WordPress optimisation. Making sure your site runs fast and is accessible to all. You might be missing out on sales due to a slow or inaccessible website.
  • WooCommerce consulting. WooCommerce is a tightly integrated e-commerce solution for WordPress.
  • hosting consultancy. Let me help find the right hosting service for your website.
  • my WordPress Care Plan. Web hosting, backups, updates and security for your ongoing peace of mind.
  • advice on your overall website strategy. Is WordPress the best solution? There are other options that might be better.

Email me at [email protected] if you need help finding a solution to your WordPress problem.