CEMED Medical Clinic

CEMED asked me to streamline their two existing websites into one to make it easier for their patients to book appointments. The clinic's ethos is 'evidence-based medicine'. I used this as inspiration for their visual brand design, by representing their brand values with scientifically-inspired imagery. The over-zealous use of stock photography adopted by other health clinics had come across as inauthentic to me. I added engraving illustrations relevant to CEMED's specialisations, and the CEMED logo is inspired by the hexagonal shapes used in scientific molecule diagrams.

With prominent calls-to-action throughout the site direct patients to the booking page and direct contact details for all clinics, CEMED has found great success in simplifying the patient booking process.

CEMED wanted a colourful and inviting landing page.

Scientific engravings reinforce CEMED‘s evidence-based approach.

Booking an appointment was patients‘ top task, so that is a navigation priority.

All clinic details are easy to find, and a map is included to find a patient‘s closest clinics.

The CEMED logo referenced the hexagonal shapes used in scientific molecule diagrams.