Penny’s Boutique

Ellisha & Gemma asked me to create an e-commerce website & visual brand to match their upcoming brick & mortar fashion boutique. The boutique is more than just an E-commerce experience, so I thought it was important that the shop was represented on the home page as much as the fashion.

Penny's Boutique has been a huge success since opening. Adding e-commerce has opened up avenues for Ellisha and Gemma that would not have been possible with just a simple brick & mortar store. Choosing WooCommerce as their e-commerce platform gave us a great base to add additional features & services as necessary. This flexibility allowed the sisters to actually increase demand and sales during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Visitors are invited to view the newest additions to the shop.

The brick and mortar shop needed as much priority as the E-commerce store.

An accessories product page.

Establishing the evocative story behind Penny‘s Boutique.